This page documents the various questions related to lilac storage. Lilac storage is primarily divided into 4 categories.

Lilac home storage : 

Lilac compute storage

Lilac warm storage : 

Lilac local scratch storage : 

How to :

Check Quota for GPFS filesystem:

mmlsquota gives information about quota on number of files too, along with information about block quota.

Filesystem nameFileset namefileset/usr/grpBlocks currently occupiedYour block quotaYour limit for "7 days" beyond quota.

Blocks in doubt that will be counted towards your quota.

Happens when many files are added/deleted recently.

Countdown of 7 days is set once you occupy more blocks than mentioned in quota.
Number of files currently presentYour quota on number of filesYour limit on number of files for "7 days" beyond quota.Number of files in doubt that will be counted towards your quota.Countdown of 7 days is set once you occupy more files than mentioned in quota.

Once the number of blocks or number of files reach the value mentioned in "quota" - Storage system will give 7 days as a grace period, to fill up until the max value mentioned in "limit" is reached. Storage system will not allow any more data to be written when:

  1. The block limit/file limit is reached.
  2. 7 days have passed since the blocks/files have occupied more than "quota". The grace field will show you the number of days left, before which the number of blocks/files need to go less than the value mentioned in "quota".

2. Copy files from other clusters: