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A Miniconda Python installation is a common prerequisite for Python-based applications in machine learning and other fields.Below is the insurrections of how to install miniconda in your lab directory:

Minicondais a free software package that includes the condapackage and environment manager.

1. Download the Miniconda installer


2. Run the installer

$chmod 755 


3. Configuring Conda

$./conda update conda

 $./condaconfig --add channels bioconda

Minicondainstallers contain the condapackage manager and Python

   $ condainstall numpy

Creating environments with Conda
  $ condainstall bwa 

Or a new environment can be created:

  $ condacreate -n aligners bwa bowtie hisatstar

Some tools came with singularity image. Please read more about how to use singularity container. You can use module to load singularity as:
Module avail