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This page is not the options you give to your bsub jobs, that page can be found here: LSF bsub flags

Submit jobs with the #BSUB directives as header:

  • bsub <
  • Note: This is different from PBS qsub where you just did qsub

List all hosts (the command to see what resources are available on the queue):

  • bhosts or lshosts
  • Add the -l flag for more detail on all nodes
  • -l <hostname> for detail on that one host

List active jobs by you

  • bjobs <JobID>
  • -a lists even completed recent jobs ("recent" is a few hours near as I can tell)
  • -l lists more information about the job you have running
  • <JobID> is optional
    • You can also specify -l <JobID>

List jobs by other users:

  • bjobs -u <user> to get jobs by a specific user
  • bjobs -u all to get ALL jobs from ALL users

Terminate your job

  • bkill <JobID>

See your history of recent jobs, "recent" seems to indicate longer than a few hours near as I can tell.

  • bhist
  • -a shows your job history going back some 100 entries or so
  • -l gets more details about your history of jobs
  • Add a <JobID> number to bhist or bhist -l to see details about that job in specific
  • bhist -n 0 -l <JobID> will check all historical logs for job information 
  • bhist seems to function as a much longer history bjobs

See resources available to the nodes right now

  • lsload
  • lsload -l <node> to see more details on the specific node

See the groups of hosts (Important for -m flag of bsub commands)

  • bmgroup