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The new juno cluster is now available only for testing. Please request "Access another cluster" from if you want to participate in the test. juno currently has 216 CPUs. The login node is juno, and runs CentOS 7 with GPFS. Nodes jx01-jx10 are running CentOS 7 with GPFS, while node ju14 is running CentOS 6 without GPFS. All juno nodes have access to the solisi Isilon file systems. CentOS 7 nodes also have access to /juno GPFS storage.

Slides from Sep 27 2018 User Group meeting Juno_UG_092018.pdf

Differences in LSF Configuration between juno and luna


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bsub -n 1 -R "fscratch" -app anyOS
bsub -n 1 -R "pic" -app anyOS