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For people who ssh into one computer such as xbio, and from there to another computer such as lilac or luna, authentication forwarding enables the intermediary computer (xbio) to connect back to use ssh-agent on the original client (Mac or PC) for authentication to authenticate to the remote server (lilac). For example I ssh from teriyaki to xbio, and then from xbio to lilac. Even though I don’t keep my private key on lilac, teriyaki can authenticate  teriyaki authenticates my connection to lilac (through xbio) so I don’t need a copy of my private key on lunaon xbio.

For Mac: First add your private key passphrase to the Apple Keychain with "ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa". Then enable authentication forwarding to xbio add by adding the following to ~/.ssh/config on your Mac:



  ForwardAgent yes

Or use “ssh -p 2222 -A" each time. 

For Windows: Please see See the Windows section above.