How can I transfer data from or to a Windows server?

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    The smbclient program is available on lilac and luna cluster login nodes, including, pearl/flame/swan,, and You can use it to access SMB servers such as,, and pskis shares. The manual page is available online:

    You can log into a server with your MSKCC Active Directory (Exchange) account – note that this is separate than your HPC account, and may have a different username and/or password. smbclient syntax looks like:

    smbclient // -W mskcc -U USERNAME

    This will prompt for your MSKCC password and connect. Note that we are working on a problem with authentication in February 2018, so if you have trouble logging into bic, you can create an HPC ticket for assistance. But in general we do not manage SMB servers, so if you have trouble with skimcs or pskis servers, please contact the respective system administrators.

    Once you are connected smbclient provides an FTP-style command line, including commands such as get & put, recurse/mget/mput, cd/pwd/lcd (local cd).

    pepper@sol:~> smbclient // -W mskcc -U pepperc
    Enter pepperc's password: 
    Domain=[MSKCC] OS=[Windows 6.1] Server=[Samba 4.2.10]
    smb: \> ls
      .                                   D        0  Tue Dec 12 15:56:10 2017
      ..                                  D        0  Wed May 17 10:40:08 2017
      README.txt                          A       26  Tue Dec 12 15:55:58 2017
      file                                A        0  Wed May 17 10:57:56 2017
    39872 blocks of size 4194304. 37617 blocks available
    smb: \> 
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