The Phoenix LSF 10.1 test cluster is available now. It's currently composed of four CentOS 7.4 hosts p28-30. Please use p30 as a login/submit host. All hosts are submit hosts.

LSF cluster level resource configurations

Memory (-M or -R "rusage[mem=**]" ) is a consumable resource requested as  GB per slot (-n). 

All jobs should specify Walltime (-W), otherwise the default Walltime 72 hours will be used.

LSF will terminate the job if it exceeds the Walltime.

The maximum Walltime for test queue is 72 hours. 


The default LSF queue, ‘test’, includes all four compute nodes. Nodes p27 and p28 can have 48 jobs per host, nodes p29 and p30 can have 24 jobs per host.

Job Default parameters

Queue name: test

Operating System: CentOS 7.4

Number of slots (-n): 1

Walltime (job running time): 72 hours

Memory (RAM) per slot: 2GB


The software packages are installed into the following directory :


Job Submission 

To submit a job which requests one slot (hyper-thread), 2GB of memory (RAM) and 12 hours of Walltime to Phoenix LSF test cluster:

 bsub -n 1 -W 12:00  -R "rusage[mem=2]" my_executable

To submit a batch script with the 
bsub command:

bsub < myjob.lsf

More information on job submission and control

For general information on the commands to submit and manage jobs with LSF please see the following page: Lilac LSF Job Submission