The Luna Cluster is made up of:

  • (login host): HP DL380 Gen8, one Xeon E5–2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz, 64gb RAM
  • 24 Compute nodes, 400 cores total (800 threads total)
    • s01-s21: 21 HP ProLiant DL160 Gen8, dual 8 core Xeon E5–2660 0 @ 2.20GHz , 384gb RAM per node
    • t01-t02: 2 HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8, quad 8 core Xeon E7–4820 v2 @ 2.00GHz, 1.5tb RAM per node
    • nodes have 800GB at /scratch/$USER
    • solisi (isilon array) 4.4P PBytes (NL and X)

Luna is the head node for submitting jobs to the cluster

The following directories are available:

  • /home — 100GB limit – for scripts only, no huge files, frequent mirrored backup
  • /ifs/work —Fast disk, less space – for ongoing projects, ~10TB per lab
  • /ifs/res — Slow disk, more space – for long-term storage of sequence data
  • /ifs/archive  — read only – GCL fastqs
  • /opt/common — binaries and popular third-party programs
  • /common/data — data, genome assemblies, GTFs, etc.